Organizers of the annual Buffalo Music Awards may want to consider renaming its Saxophonist of the Year award the Jack Prybylski Award – in December 2012, Prybylski (pronounced Purr-bill-ski) took home the top honor for the 12th time. “Even though it’s on a regional scale, it’s very flattering to be nominated by your peers,” Prybylski says. And although musicians nominated artists, the general public selected winners. “It’s equally as flattering that the general public thinks enough of your talent to vote for you,” Prybylski adds.

The accolades continue to be bestowed upon Jack – in October 2014, he was inducted into the prestigious Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame. Other notable BMHOF members include legendary saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. and the groundbreaking contemporary jazz group Spyro Gyra.

Before beginning his solo career, Prybylski recorded seven albums with a local Buffalo institution, Them Jazzbeards. The eclectic band still plays on the East Coast and is known in some movie-cult circles for its work on the 1995 flick Shadow Creature. “There’s bad acting all over the place, but it’s kind of neat to say I’m on a movie soundtrack,” he says. “I hear the movie’s a cult hit in the Orient.” In addition to providing great music for bad movies, Them Jazzbeards – which plays mostly original material – compelled Prybylski to embark on his solo career. “I saw everyone enjoying the band’s music, and I had mine which is 180 degrees from Them Jazzbeards. I just wanted to put my music out there and see what happened.”

Jack is currently endorsed by Sax Dakota saxophones, JodyJazz mouthpieces, Silverstein ligatures, Rico reeds, Applied Microphone Technology microphones, Saxrax saxophone stands and Battle Cases tour cases  As an endorsee and clinician, he has performed clinics and concerts throughout the United States as well as Mexico and countries of the Pacific Rim.